Friday, 16 August 2013

Earning Money The Big Egg

Earning Money
Alex, Nicole, and Vickie are friends who live in the same neighborhood. They wanted to earn some money to buy Christmas presents. “It's winter,” said Vickie. “There is lots of snow on the ground. Maybe people will hire us to shovel the snow on their driveways and sidewalks.” “We need to print out fliers and pass them around to all the houses,” said Nicole. Alex’s Dad helped the kids print out fliers. The three friends went to all the houses and put a flier in everyone's mailbox. First, Mrs. Jones hired the kids to shovel snow from her driveway. She said, “I have twin baby girls. I am much too busy to shovel the snow myself.” Then, Mrs. Smith hired them. She said, “I am very old, and the snow is much too heavy for me to move.” Then, Mr. Lee hired them. He said, “My driveway is much too big to shovel all by myself. Can you help me?” The kids worked very hard shoveling snow. It was cold, but they also had fun. They earned a total of $30. Now they could buy wonderful Christmas presents for their friends and families.

1. Why did Alex, Nicole, and Vickie want to earn money? so they can buy wonderful christmas present for their friends and family.

2. How did Alex's dad help?  the kids print out fliers
a. he bought the shovels b. he helped them work c. he printed fliers d. he put the fliers in mailboxes
3. Alex, Nicole, and Vickie are...  hard working
a. funny b. hard-working c. greedy d. sleepy
4. Why did Mr. Lee hire the kids to shovel snow? Because it was too big to do it by his self
5. Whose driveway are the kids
shoveling in this picture?
a. Mrs. Jones' b. Mrs. Smith's c. Mr. Lee's d. Alex's dad's
6. Whose idea was it to earn money by shoveling snow? vikey

The Big Egg
by Suzanne Francis
Sam lived on a farm and had a job to do. He had to wake up early every day to feed the chickens and get their eggs. One morning Sam went outside to do his job. He reached down and got three eggs from the first chicken. He reached down and got two eggs from the second chicken. He reached down and felt a huge egg under the third chicken. He could not believe it. The egg felt strange. It was much bigger and heavier than the others. He looked at with surprise. Sam smiled and said, “So that’s where my baseball went!”

1. What two things did Sam have to do each morning? feed the chickens and get their eggs

2. How many eggs did Sam collect before he found the “strange egg”? 5

3. What funny thing happened in this story? he thought that the baseball was an egg.

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