Monday, 23 November 2015

Andrew Patterson

The year 8's had a talk with Mr Patterson. The talk was about preparing for college. Through out the talk we we were given a paper that had a riddle on it. The riddle was sort of long, my first guess was a brain. But I was wrong the answer was habits. After that we were told to name some of the subjects at college. Some subjects I like but the other rest not really. I really learnt a lot from it. It inspired me to work harder to get a better future.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Amazing Race

We were told by the teachers of team 5 to get changed into our P.E shirt, once morning tea is over. So that’s what I did, I went to class and got my P.E shirt out of my bag and went to the toilets and got changed. I jogged back to class and putted my school shirt away and made my way to the street. All 5 classes were ready, so the teachers gave out some instructions of what we will being doing next.

We have been told what group we will be in, and who will be in our group. My group was room 4 2, and in my group there were two girls and three boys. The first activity we did was Brain Buster. As I was playing it I figured out why they called it Brain Buster, and that was because it tricks your brain. All the questions we have been given was tricky. But we managed to finish it. It was time to move to another activity. Our next one was Photo Booth. The Instruction were to get dressed and look funny and take a photo. In each photo we had to look funny, serious, and make our own creative one. I didn’t have anything to get dressed in, so I just had an lei and a blanket wrapped around me.

Our group didn’t get to do all of the activities but we had fun. At the end I felt happy because of all of the games that we have participated in. It was the coolest day ever.