Monday, 23 November 2015

Andrew Patterson

The year 8's had a talk with Mr Patterson. The talk was about preparing for college. Through out the talk we we were given a paper that had a riddle on it. The riddle was sort of long, my first guess was a brain. But I was wrong the answer was habits. After that we were told to name some of the subjects at college. Some subjects I like but the other rest not really. I really learnt a lot from it. It inspired me to work harder to get a better future.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Amazing Race

We were told by the teachers of team 5 to get changed into our P.E shirt, once morning tea is over. So that’s what I did, I went to class and got my P.E shirt out of my bag and went to the toilets and got changed. I jogged back to class and putted my school shirt away and made my way to the street. All 5 classes were ready, so the teachers gave out some instructions of what we will being doing next.

We have been told what group we will be in, and who will be in our group. My group was room 4 2, and in my group there were two girls and three boys. The first activity we did was Brain Buster. As I was playing it I figured out why they called it Brain Buster, and that was because it tricks your brain. All the questions we have been given was tricky. But we managed to finish it. It was time to move to another activity. Our next one was Photo Booth. The Instruction were to get dressed and look funny and take a photo. In each photo we had to look funny, serious, and make our own creative one. I didn’t have anything to get dressed in, so I just had an lei and a blanket wrapped around me.

Our group didn’t get to do all of the activities but we had fun. At the end I felt happy because of all of the games that we have participated in. It was the coolest day ever.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Immersion Assembly

It was team 4’s turn to present their topic for this term. Mr Goodwin stood up and made his way in the front of the hall, and told the audience that they have made a film showing some of the student in the green screen room and guessing what is in the background. Some had good reactions pretending that they know what is next to them and behind them. Now they had to guess where they are. Some of the students guessed right but the rest didn't, and that was the end of their film.

Next was team five, team five was a bit different to the other team. Due to that they did not have a video they had a show. 7 of the teachers made their way up to the stage. each of the 7 teachers received a plate filled with spaghetti with chopsticks. Mr Wisemen explained to the audience that the teachers are going to have an competition. The competition was, who can finish eating their spaghetti using the chopsticks. It was funny seeing the teachers trying to compete the other teachers. But their was only one winner and it was Miss Clark. After that the teachers told the crowd where they came from.

Following that, Mrs Tele’a and Mr Wiseman And Miss Peato showed superheroes drawn on canvases. The superhero’s were Superman, Captain America and Hulk. Afterwards Immersion assembly was finished.

Monday, 14 September 2015

How to set a goal

This presentation explains how to set a goal.

Parapara tree

This is a video showing a bird flying, but then got stuck on a tree. The damage of these tress can kill birds and hurt them, and what people are doing to prevent this happening is getting an adult to get it down carefully and give it to the Vet or the SPCA so that the bird can be free again.  

Monday, 31 August 2015

Spend, Share, Save

You can either spend, share or save money. But it is up to you whether which one you want to do. You can do anything with money, but you have got to remember is to spend, share and save money wisely.

Let’s begin with spending money.  Here are some things children my age could possibly spend money on.
Phone, Head phones, Food, A bag, shoes, A game, book, pencils, stationery, clothes.

Now we move into what would be worth saving your money for.  Here are some examples of what I think are worthy of saving money for.
Clothes, Shoes , house , laptop, car ,  Phone,  going overseas,  getting glasses if you can’t see, a bed, food.

Finally we come to explaining why people would share their money.  The first reason...
Why people share money is because that person they gave the money to did something for them, or it could be that person's birthday you gave the money too. You would also give people money to help them for example like homeless people, or people that have been kicked out of there house.

Another reason to share your money may be...
Because you care for that person or maybe because you haven’t seen that person in a while that you feel like giving them money. There is nothing wrong sharing your money with anyone, as long as you trust them spending it on things that you know that the money is worth spending on.
In spending, saving and sharing money it is important to set spending goals to guide yourself.  A goal helps you to
  1. Achieve that goal that you have set for yourself
  2. Accomplish things
3. Push yourself

When considering how you will spend, save and share your money it is important to decide...
What you are going to spend your money on? and what or who you are going to share it on, and last but not least, what are you going to save your money for?

What is the one thing you would spend your money on right now? Clothes and shoes.

What is the one thing (goal item) that you are going to try to save up for? A better house for my parents and for myself.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


This is a presentation about spend, share and save. It is all about how we can save and spend or share money. This presentation also explains is it important to save and why. The presentation also has three videos that will explain why it is important to save.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Australian Countdown

This is a picture that I have remade for maths. The first thing we did with the picture, was to look at it and see what is wrong with it. The 1st thing that was wrong with it is that the single price is $1.98 and it says any 2 for $5. $1.98 + $1.98 = $3.96.

The 2nd thing that was wrong with the photo is that it says avocado but at the bottom it has red capsicums.

Friday, 14 August 2015

$20 and $200 Tala

For inquiry we had to make an animation about what we would spend $20 and $200 tala on. Here is my animation about what I would spend $20 and $200 dollars on. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, 10 August 2015

An island in time

  1. What parts of the interview link back to the other part of the book? There are parts of the interview that explains what some plans for the island  are and how important it’s history is.
  2. How does this help you to understand what Matt is doing?** It helps me understand by giving some facts and sentences which talks about what has happened to the island of some/matiu.
  3. What parts of the interview give you new information? New information is given for example where it states that 140 000 trees are replanted and everything is safe there and that you can not steal anything from their till this day.
  4. what is your opinion of the way the island has been used over the years? That the island must have been a scary place to be and that it must have felt like living in a world where you can’t have freedom in the past. √√
  5. Mrs Tele'a is wondering what biodiversity means. (Wouldn’t a mix of native and introduced plants be diverse?) It means a variety of plant plant and animal life.
  6. Do they have electricity on the island? yes, Or cars and other vehicles? No, How could we find out? By researching and reading this book, looking up pictures to see if any cars or vehicles will show in the picture, ask people.  (any other ways?)
  7. What would “living in harmony” be like on the island?  It would be a nice and peaceful island where everyone is happy and at peace.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

First day of term 3, so that means there's a new topic for this term. And for this term the topic is Trade and enterprise. I walked through the breeze and saw Mr Burt running an auction with the students. Some of the students received a paper that had a number on it, so that Mr Burt would be able to call out the number. Mr Burt gave out things like, a basketball, toys, rugby ball and  chocolate.

For immersion assembly team 1 did something that had to do with buying stuff. Team one did a video showing them going to a market and buying stuff. They were buying stuff like donuts, veges and bananas and fruits. It was funny at the end because they gave all their shopping bags to one person to carry.

Team two showed a video that had little kids, going to the dairy and looking at the ice blocks and acting desperate. After that they lined up with their ice blocks acting all happy that they have it, then they made their way to a bench and ate their ice block. After all the teachers of team two asked questions and gave out ice blocks, to all the students that have answered the questions.

For team three, Mrs King dressed up as a cowboy and grabbed a few student and asked them “ what do you want to be like when you grow up?” After they a film to show, and it was just showing the dancing, dressed up as a cop, soldier, nurse, cow girl, builder.

Team for did a show, Mr Goodwin was calm, Mr Somerville was sassy, Miss lavakula was extra happy and the other teacher was Rob.  When Rob found $50 bucks the other teachers came out and act out their character. It was funny watching the teachers doing their part.

For team 5 they did a show as well, all about being financially responsible. Meaning to use the money to buy the thing the need to be fixed or payed off instead of buying something that you want.


Wednesday, 17 June 2015


     For maths we learnt what citizen means and digizen. After that we had to draw something that will represent you being online. The red color means don't do bad stuff, and the green means do the right thing and the stars mean be a star.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Zeal Zone

On Friday we had zeal zone for inquiry, in our home class.  The first thing that we were told was to get into groups.  Then we had to copy a presentation that our group will have to type our ideas on.  The presentation was asking questions like what would you want to change around the school and what are some of our ideas for changing the school. Listing some of the things that we wanted to change was a bit hard.

My group, Rawen, Meleia, Trinity and Mahana went around the school and see what we wanted to change. We came up with a lot of ideas, but we had to pick on of them that we will have to plan to make. My group chose to make an giant chess board. After that we had to plan how big and wide the chessboard was going to be. We had to research the length and size of the chessboard and what it was made out of.

We haven’t start making it yet but we are still researching for details for the chessboard. It’s a bit hard finding the size of the chessboard because everyone had different answers.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Maths Progresion

I think I am on orange now because I have learnt three and two ways for solving a problem.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Future Aspiration

We had three guest coming to the year Eight and Seven block to share a story about their life, to help us know what we would want to be when we grow up. Mr Paddison shared quotes and stories about being awesome. Once he finished sharing his story he passed it on to Marcus Winter. Marcus Winter is a sand artist, he talked about how he was drawing in the streets and now he is performing in ships. We stood up and danced to the song Uptown Funk but we were only dancing to the part that says “ don’t believe me just watch.”

His story was an really inspiring story. It makes you feel, you want to try harder next time. He also mentioned that he performed for New Zealand got talent but he didn't make it through. Instead of us saying you got bombed we said “bounced” meaning of bounced means when you get bounced, bounce back. He also mentioned that when you're doing something your mind is always makes you think negative stuff like this is not good, how about if no one likes it. That’s why you always think positive.

The other person talked about how much he really loved basketball that he made a site called Glory Legend. Glory Legend is an site where you can watch yourself play with your team versing the other team. It is an iPad that records you playing, you just simply press start and then it will start recording, once you finish playing it will finish recording and then send it to everyone playing, so you can watch yourself playing basketball.

Once they finish sharing their story, three year 8 student went up and each person and shared a thank you speech to Mr Paddison, Marcus Winter and Louis. After that we sang a song, then we took a selfie together, and then we made our way back to class.   

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Smart Values

This is something we did in maths. We had to explain the three p's but doing it online. It was all about being kind to people online, and being the same. And also show what partnership,  participation, protection is like online.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Technology WW1

Today after lunch Mr Burt came to the year 7 & 8 block and shared a story about his Grandad in World War One. The main question about world war one technology was is technology good or bad? He shared a story about the New Zealand war and the Germans having a fight. As they were fighting they made a lot of thing like tanks, Guns and ships, cannon, planes and many more things.

We saw all the pictures of the creation that the people in the war have built. When the New Zealand war will build something and then the Germans will build it but make it bigger and better. Like for example the New Zealand war built and tank the was big, and then the Germans built a tank as well but it bigger and had a funny look to it. But the thing was, was that their tank was thinker and it was like more bullet proof. They kept going on until they came to a point that their money was almost finished so they talked and agreed to use all their money and create more things. They came to a point when they all died and then the war as over.
Mr Burt ended his presentation with "is technology good or bad?" I think technology is a good thing as long as you use good and do good things with it. But technology can be bad if you use it to do bad things. So you can make technology good if you use it in a good way but if you use technology to do bad things that makes technology bad.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


130 Pt England Rd
Pt England
Auckland 1072
13th of May 2105

Dear William,

I've listened to the letter you have wrote to your brother. You must really miss your family and they must really miss you. I’m sure they will pray for you and that the pain will go away, and that you will survive the pains you have gone through like how you got shot, it must have really hurt. Hopefully you will be better one day and that you will be able to walk one day, and that you will return back to your family safely and happy without being injured.

That is good that you are safe now and well looked after by the nurses, and have a roof on top of your head. You must have felt released and happy when it was over, no more hiding and no more shooting. Will you miss being in the war? Or will you be happy that it is over?
You must have learnt new strategies along the way to kill other people. Did you sometimes feel bad or guilty for killing people, even though you are doing it to save your country, but did you still feel bad inside?

Well all the best for next time.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


I like this assignment because it something new and easy.
How I solved the problem,? example 5 x 4 = _?_
5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 20 or 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 = 20.
So the answer is 20

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Anzac assembly

We stood silently remembering the people who were in the army. The year 7 & 8 was at the back and the year 1's were in the front. Two if the prefects said a speech about the people who were in the Anzac army. Once we finished the year seven and eights were the first ones to leave.

WW1 graphic organiser

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


1. 174 - ? = 122
122 + ? = 174                                           
122 + 8 = 130                                           
130 + 44 = 174                                         
44 + 8 = 52


1. 74 - ? = 22
22 + ? = 74
22 + 8 = 30
30 + 44 = 74
44 + 8 = 52


People and their whanau participate in the polyfest to enjoy the performance of different cultures. Some people like to learn what other culture dance group do but some like to stick with their own culture group. Some people don't like the group that they are in because it's to hard or because they just don't like it. They have to make their own costume or fundraise to make one or get one. Some people have to train to get fit for the group that they are in and also to fit in and make their self's comfortable. Some performers had to go thorough hard times because their the leader of their group and because they have to show what they can do to make it through the group they want to go in. They have to
To be in the group you will have too.
1. Show their talent and moves
2. practice
3. keep fit
4. fundraising
5. perform
6. dress up
7. be confidence
8. happy
9. enjoy
10. love it
11. experience

The polyfest is a way to show each culture how they dance and how the way to do their things. It is also another way to learn different languages. The important part is going to the practice and the reason it is important is because you won't mess up the dance and so you can catch up with the moves.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Visual Mihi

The top left corner picture is my culture the one next to it means always use our manners and the bottom right one means we love to play volleyball and the flower one represents all the beautiful flowers in Samoa.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


89 - ? = 36
89 - 53 = 36

I took away 30 from 80 and did the same thing to the 9 & 6 and altogether I had 36.


289 - ? = 136
289  - 153 = 136

First I took away 100 from two hundred and then subtracted 80 and 30 and then took away 30 from the 90 and then it equaled 136

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


343 + 635 = 978

300 + 600 = 900                                                                    
40 + 30 = 70                                                                           
3 + 5 = 8                                                                                 

900 + 70 + 8 = 978     

First I added the 300 and the 600 hundred which equaled 900 and then I added 40 and the 70 which added up to 70 and the last one I added was 3 and 8 and it equaled 8 and altogether it equaled 978.

Monday, 2 February 2015


Hi. My name is Ramonadel and this year I am a year eight. I am in room four and my teacher is Mrs Moala. I am 11 years old and I'm turning 12 on February the 5th. My goal for this year is to do better and try my hardest. My favourite thing to do at school is to animate.