Thursday, 28 March 2013

Pirate Story

“Ahoy  my name is Captain Scottsdale. I live in a boat and I look through the telescope to look for pirate birds.

I know other pirates climb  up to see things but I can’t cause I am fat as you see,” But then they hated Captain Scottsdale so then they fighted with their sored. Captain Scottsdale didn't fight with an sored he fighted with his and his stomach. And he knocked them out and then there was nothing to do because they were knocked out he went and looked around.
While he was walking around he smelt food but his goal was to not eat food only the healthy ones and do exercises. But he couldn’t help it so he just went he opened the car bored and it was his favourite food burgers. He ate it all once he finished the other pirate were awaked and they were hungry so the pirate went to the kitchen and they saw Captain Scottsdale and they were angry so one of them had one more bruger so the Pirate said “ here I have another one for you Captain Scottsdale,” But the pirate was leading Captain Scottsdale and the burger to the trap but the burger was where the trap was. Captain Scottsdale touched the burger and the trap was falling down but it came too late.Captain Scottsdale saw the trap so he quickly hopped out.
So Scottsdale was kind and gave each one of them a drink but then the pirate died because it was poisoned. But captain Scottsdale didn’t know.
So he just did nothing and he enjoined his day so he went to sleep.

Camp Concert

OP STARS dancing to the song called Jason Durulo Undefeated.  

Thursday, 14 March 2013

First day of camp

 The first thing We did was just play on the roller blades and playing basketball.