Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Dragon Machine

It was raining and George looked outside the more he listened the more he saw the dragons
He saw.
He had dragons and he knew there was going to be trouble. The dragons was in the house making a mess.
Geroge feed them and he went to the library and the dragons  got all the books and messed it up. George had to clean it up but it wasn't him.
He went to the shop and the dragons cracked the stuff and george said sorry i’ll clean it up but it wasn't him.  
He went to get some advice and he had a map about dragons where they live and so they can be safe.
George made a dragon machine George flew the dragon machine and the dragons followed him but George was tired and when he woke up in the morning the dragon's were gone and he was lonely and George's parents came and got him and the dragon machine.
And they celebrated something and George had a dog.
But they didn’t know it was a dragon.      

Monday, 17 June 2013

Adelie penguin

Hi I am going to tell you a story about Antarctic animals.

There is a girl standing high on the cliff while thee adelie penguin was building it nest and getting ready for summer.

When the adelie penguin walked so long and so far the girl new that they were from the cold ocean. The ocean was far away the when she stands on the cliff she can't even see it.

The sea ice usually breaks when it is summer but it didn't break now because it is very cold their.  Sometimes when they have chicks they give up and then the chicks die.