Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Labour Day

On labour day me and my sister went to my cousin house. We woke up got dressed and then we went to Silvia park. My aunty bought us heaps of stuff we even brought our own packet
of lollies. But we said " it's all right"
We had McDonald and then after that we waited for the taxi and went home and just play
and watch T.V.

Narrative\Rubric 2

Sandy invited her friends to have a sleepover. Then her friend came knocking on the door she opened it and she said “ hello thanks for coming” The friends said “ it all right” they came in sat down had some snack and just started to talk. After that that had a room each. Sandy was in her own room she was lying down on the bed and just reading her book so she could fall asleep. Her book fell down and it was all quiet when she closed her eyes her friends was in her mind and her self as well. Sandy and her friends went to a fun place to have some fun. There was a lot of things to do Their roller coasters there was some cars you could ride in there was just too much things.
Sandy went to the bumping car game she hopped in the car and she started to bump people and people started to bump her too. Her friends joined her  and Sandy was just bumping her friends. Sandy started to get a sore head so she hopped out of the car and went and sat down. Her friends was just bumping each other but then they thought of Sandy. Rosco said “ where is sandy?” And the friends said “ I don’t know” So they hopped out of the car and went looking for Sandy. They went where the roller coaster she wasn’t there they went where where the show is she wasn’t anywhere.

But then the security came and they got kicked out because they messed everything and didn’t clean it up when they were told to clean it up. So once they got kicked out they weren’t Sandys friend anymore because she made her friends get in big trouble. So once it was closed she went out and she saw her friends and she said “ what are you guys doing out here?” And they said “ we got kicked out” And she said “ oh sorry” and they said “ it’s all right”

Sandy woke up and she just had breakfast to forget her dream.       

Docking day

Aunty Mollie woke up Mikey and his brother early in the morning that there was still some stars
left from the night.  Mikey woke up and his brother  and rushed to have breakfast because
the van was going soon. They hopped in the car but once their aunty came they got squashed.

The little brother asked his uncle " Why do you cut of the sheep tail?" And the uncle replied
saying " it keeps them clean and stops flies laying eggs.
The grown up did most of it while the little ones just rolled down the hill.

The down has already done their job. Their was noises and noises and it got closer and closer
and it was coming towards them. The mothers sheep was getting worried. A chocolate van came
stopped and a man hopped out of the van and took some photo's.

Then the chocolate van fell down and the chocolate was spilling out and it went to wards the little
brother and the man was running towards the chocolate and he kept slipping and it was
the maddest docking day ever.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Narrative Writing Practice

The brother’s were fighting while the sister was just playing with her toys until she got bored. The little sister went off into the streets and ended up where the farm was she went in the farm and the plants were all tall that she couldn't see anything except for the sky.

The brother’s stopped fighting. Dallin went to where his little sister was and she wasn't there so he went inside the house and she wasn't there Dallin started panicking. He shouted her name out “Anne!” he repeated and repeated but no reply. Dallin told his brothers what happened and all the brothers were saying “ WHAT!” And Dallin said “She’s not where the toys are or in the house”. So they went in the car and showed a picture of Anne to people and they said “No sorry.” After that they stopped by the farm.

Anne was shouting and shouting their brothers names. The brothers hoped out of the car and separated while the other brother stayed in the car just incase their little sister might end up where the car was. They looked and looked it was night time and they still haven’t found Anne. Anne was crying and starving and her brothers were trying their best it was almost day time.
And one of the brothers found Anne and the brother returned her back in the car and the all the brother went other the car.

And they were all happy.

Thursday, 24 October 2013


In orienteering my partner was Rave we were the last ones to get our maps there was 4 maps
we had to do. As we were walking the man said " what are you looking for?" And we said "g"
he said " the letter g is down where the bottom field is in front of the car"  and we looked where he
pointed and it was far away and rave said " you go there and I'll go there." So rave went to the close
one and I went to the far one. But Rave had to go where I was so I told her that you have
to go where I was and stable it. But she all ready done it with another stable.
We didn't get to do all four maps but we did 1 2 3. And it was fun.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Matching Pictures

photo.JPG In literacy we had been given some farm pictures and we had to match them altogether. It was a bit hard because there was a picture of a worm and it was a close up
one so we thought it was a snake but then we figured it out it was a worm. After that we
had Mr Somerville marking our matching pictures and we had some of it right and some
of it wrong.  

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Mother goat and her seven kids

There was once a mother goat and her seven little kids. The mother is going somewhere and the mother said to her kids “ don’t open the door to anyone especially the hungry wolf”  “okay” said the little kids.

The mother went and the wolf heard everything before the mother left. The wolf went to the door and said little kids open the door it’s me your mother and the little one said no because my mum has a squeaky voice like she is singing. And the wolf went singing practice so the wolf can so just like the mother.

The wolf went and said let me in i have some sweets from the market and the little one looked out the window and said “ you not my mother because my mother doesn't have a tail. And the wolf went to the dental clinic and said fix my tail before smash you and the dental clinic said “ Okay Okay” And the wolf went back and said little kids open the door and they opened it and the wolf got them.

And then the mother came back and then saw a the wolf and the mother smash them and the wolf went flying over the tree and the mother got their kids and then kissed the and gave the a slap on the ear for opening the door.   

Docking day

Woke up had breakfast got ready and off the family went to docking day.
The grown up did all of it while the little ones just played and then had a feast.
There was noises and it got closer and louder that the couldn't even hear each other.
Then a chocolate van stopped and took Photos. But the the chocolate van fell down and
chocolate was falling down. And it was the maddest docking day ever.