Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Immersion Assembly

It was team 4’s turn to present their topic for this term. Mr Goodwin stood up and made his way in the front of the hall, and told the audience that they have made a film showing some of the student in the green screen room and guessing what is in the background. Some had good reactions pretending that they know what is next to them and behind them. Now they had to guess where they are. Some of the students guessed right but the rest didn't, and that was the end of their film.

Next was team five, team five was a bit different to the other team. Due to that they did not have a video they had a show. 7 of the teachers made their way up to the stage. each of the 7 teachers received a plate filled with spaghetti with chopsticks. Mr Wisemen explained to the audience that the teachers are going to have an competition. The competition was, who can finish eating their spaghetti using the chopsticks. It was funny seeing the teachers trying to compete the other teachers. But their was only one winner and it was Miss Clark. After that the teachers told the crowd where they came from.

Following that, Mrs Tele’a and Mr Wiseman And Miss Peato showed superheroes drawn on canvases. The superhero’s were Superman, Captain America and Hulk. Afterwards Immersion assembly was finished.