Monday, 24 November 2014


I Woke up knowing that it was the film festival day. I got up and got ready and went to school and made sure I got everything, once I arrived I went to the breeze and walked around slowly thinking when the bell was going to ring, as I was walking around I forgot to bring a gold coin for the film festival. I went outside the school gates and just waited until my mum came. When she arrived I opened the door and told her I forgot to bring a gold coin, so we went to the dairy and brought something and got one dollar each from the change. I came back to school and I almost forgot the gold coin in the car again, but luckily
I remembered.

I went to class and handed in the gold coin. We were told that we were going after morning tea and the juniors are going first. We had a early morning tea because it started at 11:30.
The school we partnered up with was Sommerville school. Once it was our turn we went to class and made sure we were all ready. We headed over to the bus and made our way to Sylvia Park to watch the film festival. Once we arrived we lined up in two lines and made our way into the Manaiakalani. It was really dark when we went in but luckily there were lights on the side, the other school was there before us. They were all sitting in the front so we sat at the back of them. I sat down and waited till it has started. Once everyone found a seat and was quiet it started. When it started I felt excited, each person from each school had to introduce what their film was about.

The first film that came on was our one, it was nice watching it on big screen as well. After our film it was the next school film and then our school so it was like a pattern. I thought it will take for ever but it was nice and short. I didn't have a favorite but all the films were nice. Once all of the films were played it was finished, so we stood up and made our way to the bus, and went to school.