Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Getting my new netbook at my old school

At my old school we when I was a year five and in my new classroom we got our netbook I was excited.

My friends and i was really happy when our teacher was giving it out our teacher called our name and she gave it to us but it was in a box.

Once she had finish we get to open it and  it was shiny we get to have a little play on it them we had to learn how to go on our Google docs, our new blog, our new math whizz, our new xtra math and all those other stuff.

After that our teacher was showing us the rules for the netbook it was no playing games unless it is free time, Don’t put it on the floor, don’t eat while you're on your netbook, hold it with two hands, don’t hold it by the screen, don’t leave it at the corner of the table and all those other stuff and then we were finished.

Friday, 10 May 2013


On Thursday the ninth of May. It was a special day for Pt England School because a really famous person came to visit us and it was WILL.I.AM. Will.I.Am was brought up in a very small neighbourhood. He hasn't met his dad and his mum raised them. Now he has a big house and he has all the nice stuff because of his singing talent.
Will.I.Am gave us a check and it was $100,000 to the Manaiakalani schools.

Thank you so much Will.I.Am

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Core Sample

This afternoon I have been learning how to take core samples. We took samples from a cupcake and guessed what the core (inside) looked like. In real life geologists take samples of what is underneath the land.