Tuesday, 12 November 2013

I heard a whisper

It was early in the morning cold and windy jack and his dad David was planning to go and on a adventure. Jack was playing with his friend once he came in the house they were packing their stuff and moving the table somewhere else. Jack said “ mum what is happening?” and the mum said “ we are going to have a party to night and then were are going to leave” jack said “ leave where?” we are going to go to another place” the mum said. Jack felt sad because he will be missing his friends.

The party has started Jack was up stairs with his friend play the same game it was the favourite game ever. The mum said “ jack we are leaving now” Jack was racing down the steps he stopped and he look at his house and he went to the car once he had finished saying good bye he leaned over to his mum and his mum hugged him. jack was sleeping while they were on their way to their new house once they have got their his mum woke him up and he slowly opened his eyes once he saw the house straight away he didn’t like it. Because it was surrounded by trees. jack heard a whisper when he went there but he wasn't scared because he was a brave little boy and he was only eight years old. Jack and his sister Lilly had to go find their bedroom Jack had a not really big one just a small simple room.

Jack was playing out side by himself because he was bored and had noone to play with but then after that he heard the same whisper again and he saw like a secret door that lead and the backyard he went in this sort of looking shed his mum saw him and then mum said “ hey what are you doing?” And jack said “ I am exploring” “okay” the mum said. He saw a window he opened his and went running through the woods until he saw a fence he went there and it was like a prison he saw a little boy and he was starving and Jack gave him a snack and the little boy that was in the prison was happy he has eaten.

He thanked Jack and the bell rang and he had to go and when jack went back home he never heard that voice again. And after then he kept going to that boy every day when it is 12 o'clock.      


Monday, 4 November 2013

Writing test


They went to a farm when brad wasn't allowed but his friend was allowed. They couldn’t find their way out and there was a voice saying where are you going to Brad and brad friend didn’t hear until brad figured it out it was his mum so they found their way out and brad apologized to his mum and his mum forgave him and brad and his friend into the room and just played games

Start Writing Here:

I walking to the farm with my friends when I wasn't allowed to go. As we got closer to the farm I heard a voice saying where are you going I told my friend can you hear that? And he said “no” so he started to feel weird. As they were walking they found this sort of old looking farm it was dark in side you couldn’t see a thing.

But lucky his friend brought a torch he turned on his torch and it was scarey but their was nothing in their but just hay lying on the ground. Brad hears the same voice again “ where are you going?”
he was starting to feel scared so he was wondering if they could go and eat and his friend said “yeah sure” But the thing is they forgot which they came from so they didn’t go to the restaurant because they couldn’t find their way back.

Brad was scared cause he didn’t know what to do. So they just sat down. Something came from the shed and it was the same old voice again. “ Im starting to feel scared because I keep hearing that voice and it just won’t get away” Brad said in a shaky voice. His friend said “ what is it saying” Brad said “ it saying where are you going?” Brad friend said in a confused voice “ maybe umm someone is saying where are you going because that person dosen’t know where you're going I guess.”

After that Brad was thinking who doesn't know where I am going?as he was thing that voice came back then Brad just realized it was his mum. They stood up and found their way out. When they found their way out Brad ran to his mum and said “ sorry I went when I wasn't allowed to sorry”  Brad mum said “ it’s alright I forgive you”

After that Brad and his friend went in his room and played games and that voice he heard never was heard again.