Friday, 28 February 2014

Pt England Way

Pt England Way

The Pt England way is like life in school and it helps us be a leader in school, everyone in school has to follow it even the little kids but they get teached                                                                                The reason why we have it is because so we won’t just do our own thing but we have to follow the Pt England way.

If you are wanting to get a good life you want to get a good report and achieve your goals and to always make sure you are always following the Pt England way. Make sure you are confident at doing everything and by also trying your best. One of the rules of Pt England way is we must be a good friend to others and have a good attitude when I’m working or playing.

Part of the Pt England way is respect and by showing respect you can respect it by doing stuff that shows that care for one another, care for that pt england way.
The Pt England way is created to make our school safe like people play safe and being safe also to make our school a learning school not a playing school but a learning school.

The Pt England way is by taking responsibility and by doing that is by taking responsibility for our sports gear so we won’t loose or even try to make it pop when it is brand new.  Tiaki Taonga means caring for the stuff we have and also caring for each other, the three P’s for the Pt England way is  Partnership, Participation, Protection,
Partnership is always having a friend beside you, Participation means joining sports and representing our school and Protection means protecting each other and by also protecting the school by not drawing on the school property.                                                     

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The meaning of empathy

WALT: Comprehend concepts related
to mental health and emotional promotion.
What is empathy?  A word that mean putting yourself in another person shoe and also understanding how they feel.

Why is it important to show empathy toward others? To show that you care and that you are a good person and making friends with them.

What does that have to do with empathy? Caring for them and understand what they feel and to also make them feel conformable.
What can you do to show empathy toward another person? Showing them a good and caring attitude toward them.

Make a popplet or Google drawing a displaying ways that you can reach out to others.

Think of a time when you hurt someone’s feelings. Describe what happened.  When my sister was being smart I was calling her names and then she cried when she was crying I was scared that my mum might give me a hiding.

How did you know you hurt the person’s feelings? Is once she was going to cry and when she did her sad farinaceous that she was going to cry.
How did you feel about the situation? When I said sorry and and stuff I really meant because it was really mean and once I said Sorry I was sad and happy at the same time because I apologize. Then she went happy again and I was playing with her.
What did you do to make the situation better? By apologizing to her and patting her on that back and started playing with her and then she was happy again. But when we went bored we went and played with my cousin.

Discuss how you think your school would change if all of the students showed empathy toward each other. If people show empathy toward each other I think this school will be a very good school. But since they are people bulling I think it would be a very bad school.
Do you think it would be a big change or a small
change? I think it would be a big change Why do you think so? Because some of the people are bullies.And they are always saying hurtful things about people and also doing silly things but not also to the student but also to the teachers.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Reading - word web activity

One of our reading activities today was to create a Popplet or word to increase
our range of vocabulary. The word we were given was leisure, I found 21
words that are synonyms for leisure.