Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mrs Goat and her little seven kids

There was once a mother goat and her seven little kids. The mother is going somewhere and the mother said to her kids “ don’t open the door to anyone especially the hungry wolf”  “okay” said the little kids.

The mother went and the wolf heard everything before the mother left. The wolf went to the door and said little kids open the door it’s me your mother and the little one said no because my mum has a squeaky voice like she is singing. And the wolf went singing practice so the wolf can so just like the mother.

The wolf went and said let me in i have some sweets from the market and the little one looked out the window and said “ you not my mother because my mother doesn't have a tail. And the wolf went to the dental clinic and said fix my tail before smash you and the dental clinic said “ Okay Okay” And the wolf went back and said little kids open the door and they opened it and the wolf got them.

And then the mother came back and then saw a the wolf and the mother smash them and the wolf went flying over the tree and the mother got their kids and then kissed the and gave the a slap on the ear for opening the door.   

Ramonadel Maui and the sun

This is about a boy called Maui who was helping his village by teaching the sun a lesson because he was moving in the sky to fast for the villagers who wasn't able to fish and play with the kites.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Introduction for our D.L.O

This is our presentation for our D.L.O we did some pictures because we didn't really fished it and we weren't aloud to film so I hope you like it and leave some feedback.  And I hope you enjoy our bloopers. 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sugar buns

1st you have to swift the flour into the bowl
2nd you have to get a teaspoon of baking powder and tip it into the bowl
3rd you have to put 3/4 of cup sugar and tip it into the bowl
4th you have to pinch 1 slot
5ht put one egg in with the yolk
6th one half of teaspoons
7th put one half of milk in