Friday, 24 July 2015

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

First day of term 3, so that means there's a new topic for this term. And for this term the topic is Trade and enterprise. I walked through the breeze and saw Mr Burt running an auction with the students. Some of the students received a paper that had a number on it, so that Mr Burt would be able to call out the number. Mr Burt gave out things like, a basketball, toys, rugby ball and  chocolate.

For immersion assembly team 1 did something that had to do with buying stuff. Team one did a video showing them going to a market and buying stuff. They were buying stuff like donuts, veges and bananas and fruits. It was funny at the end because they gave all their shopping bags to one person to carry.

Team two showed a video that had little kids, going to the dairy and looking at the ice blocks and acting desperate. After that they lined up with their ice blocks acting all happy that they have it, then they made their way to a bench and ate their ice block. After all the teachers of team two asked questions and gave out ice blocks, to all the students that have answered the questions.

For team three, Mrs King dressed up as a cowboy and grabbed a few student and asked them “ what do you want to be like when you grow up?” After they a film to show, and it was just showing the dancing, dressed up as a cop, soldier, nurse, cow girl, builder.

Team for did a show, Mr Goodwin was calm, Mr Somerville was sassy, Miss lavakula was extra happy and the other teacher was Rob.  When Rob found $50 bucks the other teachers came out and act out their character. It was funny watching the teachers doing their part.

For team 5 they did a show as well, all about being financially responsible. Meaning to use the money to buy the thing the need to be fixed or payed off instead of buying something that you want.